Volunteer Information

If you are interested in volunteering at the Pomona Valley Certified Farmers Market with the Pomona Community Farmer Alliance, we welcome volunteers every Saturday. Generally, set up begins at 8am and continues until the market officially opens at 9am. We always need volunteers to help ensure that our community members have a great experience by interacting with them and selling produce at booths. Clean up usually starts at 1pm and and ends at 2:30pm. Use the Contact Us link if you are interested in volunteering. Thank you! 

Volunteer Welcome

Welcome to the Pomona Farmers Market! Thank you for coming out to support the community today. 

The Pomona Community Farmer Alliance is working in collaboration with community members like yourself to: (1) make high quality foods accessible to low income residents in Pomona; (2) support local and sustainable farmers; and (3) create a safe, welcoming community space. We do this with a high degree of attention to social and environmental justice, sustainability, equity, rigorous honesty, collaboration, community empowerment, and positive engagement.  One of our primary goals is to empower the community to become and remain healthy through the eating of high-quality foods that we are bringing into the community. 

We need your support on the day of the market to do this effectively. We have found that the presence of the volunteer at the booth is the single most important factor that affects whether attendees at the market take home this high-quality food. 

Many volunteers ask how they can be most helpful. Over time we have learned that how the volunteer engages with community members passing by is what makes the biggest difference. To this end, we love to see volunteers reaching out to and responding to attendees by: 

  • warmly greeting passersby
  • sharing knowledge and enthusiasm about the produce
  • offering encouragement and ideas about how to prepare the produce
  • answering questions about pricing
  • sharing the mission of the market

While we want the experience to be enjoyable and comfortable for you, some self-care activities are not perceived by community members as welcoming and will actually result in community members avoiding the stand and produce at your stand. For this reason, we ask you to be mindful of how much time you spend doing the following activities and try to keep them to a minimum:

  • texting or talking on your phone
  • sitting
  • walking away from your booth

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your positive contribution to our shared community.